About Us

MI - Iine is a telecommunications solutions provider experienced in designing innovative network solutions and providing advanced professional services. We provide customers with solutions for even the most complex and specific requirements while complying with up-to-date standards and modern trends. In addition to designing installations, we also maintain networks to ensure long-term and reliable partnerships with customers. Through its people, partnerships and innovative and advanced solutions, the company helps to create fundamental conditions for telecommunications interactions and adaptability in a global world. 

Our professional team has many years of experience in planning and managing telephone and communication networks. Our thorough understanding of the needs of our customers and the technological solutions available (the multi-layered designs of DWDM, OTN, TDM and MPLS-TP networks) on various transport media (optical, radio and copper networks) guarantee customer satisfaction. We also offer Wi-Fi, Firewall, Antivirus and Unified products and complete solutions from the ground up.
We design and build networks using only the best quality equipment in each field. We work exclusively with the most reliable business partners and vendors, both in terms of the internal design of the MI SwitchTM exchange as well as the project design.
Installation and startup
Our professional expertise, reliability and precisely defined processes ensure that our work will always be performed to a high standard and within the set deadlines. Our team’s legally mandated certifications also confirm its proficiency in its area of expertise.
Technical documentation
Upon completion of the work we always provide our customers with the complete technical documentation required by law.
Our team of experts provides our customers with all the necessary technical support and telecommunication network maintenance in accordance with maintenance agreements. With each successfully completed project the number of maintenance agreements and satisfied customers grows.