Professional communication system for up to 400 simultaneus connections and 2000 users
Modern IP
terminal equipment
Differentiation between
voice and fax calls
Connect to existing
analougue equipment
Default Features
✓ Software phones (Windows, IOS, Android)
✓ Call parking
✓ Call parking control
✓ Call waiting
✓ Call forwarding on busy/no answer/always
✓ Call waiting/call transfer
✓ Call joining
✓ Conference call
✓ Call groups
✓ Call pick up
✓ Redial of last called number
✓ Menu section
✓ Music on hold
✓ Web based voice message retrieved
✓ Do not disturb function
✓ Speed dialing
✓ Blocked caller's list
✓ Custom internal call routing
✓ Forwarding of voice messages to email
✓ ​Integration of different databases (CRM)
✓ Call recording
✓ Hotel information system
✓ Click to dial (Outlook, Web)
✓ Music on hold
​✓ PIN
✓ Device inventory​
✓ Remote office
​✓ Direct callback through GSM interface​
✓ Advanced least cast routing
✓ Web management
✓ Call queue management
✓ Time based conditional calls and groups
✓ Day and night monitoring
✓ Call printouts
✓ Fax forwarding to email
✓ Differenciation between incoming voice and fax calls
✓ Custom ringtones for callback
✓ Automatic phone installation
✓ Support for analogue terminal equipment
    (phone, fax, POS)
✓ Personal address book
✓ Personal control of call history
✓ Personal monitoring of recorded calls
✓ Personal feature settings
✓ Call queues
✓ System recording
Default Connections
✓ 4x 10/100/1000 BaseT Network connectors
​​✓ 2x USB 2.0. connector​
Optional Connections
→ 1x ISDN  PRI connection (30 channels)
→ 2x ISDN PRI connection (60 channels)
→ 4x ISDN PRI connection (120 channels)
Possibilities of customizing MI Switch ENTERPRISE™
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