An essential communications system for your local and global business networks for up to 100 users.
Modern IP
terminal equipment
Differentiation between
voice and fax calls
Connect to existing
analougue equipment
Default Features
✓ Software phones (Windows, IOS, Android)
✓ Call parking
✓ Call parking control
✓ Call waiting
✓ Call forwarding on busy/no answer/always
✓ Call waiting/call transfer
✓ Call joining
✓ Conference call
✓ Call groups
✓ Call pick up
✓ Redial of last called number
✓ Menu section
✓ Music on hold
✓ Web based voice message retrieved
✓ Do not disturb function
✓ Speed dialing
✓ Blocked caller's list
✓ Custom internal call routing
✓ Web management
✓ Call queue management
✓ Time based conditional calls and groups
✓ Day and night monitoring
✓ Call printouts
✓ Fax forwarding to email
✓ Differenciation between incoming voice and fax calls
✓ Custom ringtones for callback
✓ Automatic phone installation
✓ Support for analogue terminal equipment (phone, fax, POS)
✓ Personal address book
✓ Personal control of call history
✓ Personal monitoring of recorded calls
✓ Personal feature settings
✓ Call queues
✓ System recording
Default Connections
✓ 2x 10/100/1000 BaseT Network connectors​
✓ 1x UMTS connector​
✓ 1x Wi-Fi connector​
✓ 1x Audio Line-In and Line-Out connector
​✓ 1x USB 2.0. connector​
✓ 1x eSata connector
Optional Connections
✓ 4x FXS connector
✓ 4x FXO connectors
​✓ 2x ISDN BRI connector​
✓ 2x GSM connector​
✓ 4x FXO + 4x FXS connectors​
✓ 4x GSM connectors
Possibilities of customizing MI Switch OFFICE™
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