With product bundling, we are able to combine different products and services which results in a holistic approach and the creation of better, fuller and integrated solutions for our customers.
Telcos are under ever-increasing pressure from regulators, customers, and governments to improve the performance of their networks. They are expected to improve the safety and security of their networks, make use of the opportunities offered by IoT, provide improved customer satisfaction, and provide increased network efficiency to reduce carbon footprint. This is best achieved by migrating to a secure, always-up packet network, able to deliver the best of both worlds.

Secure optical networking

Need to fulfill your customers’ immediate business needs, while assuring a future-proof platform for expansion? As a service provider, you can enable your enterprise and business customers to fulfill their data networking needs with a secure, private optical network, offered as a service. We can make a solution for you with a range of encrypted and non-encrypted optical connectivity services, from point -to-point links to full-mesh redundant networks. Your customers would get optical encryption to fully protect their data flowing over the optical links from fiber-tapping snoopers.

New service opportunity
Unlimited ultra-low-latency bandwidth
Unbreakable encryption against interception

5G and Mobile backhaul

Optimized Mobile Backhaul to support 5G services on 4G infrastructure.

Guarantee user experience to reduce churn
Maximize utilization of current infrastructure to reduce TCO
Remain future proof and flexible to maximize ARPU

Flexible wireles transport

Looking for integrated solution to transport high bitrates over both wireless and fiber infrastructure in the access and aggregation network segments? We can offer the most comprehensive solution for small-cell backhaul. Wireless access, and backup services.

Any frequency from sub 6GHz to E-band
Any wireless topology: PtP, PtMP
Any network topology: mesh, ring, chain
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